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Markus Plattner is a Swiss jazz guitarist, composer and teacher He lives in Switzerland and Australia

- As composer his main focus is on crossover works with 4 concertos for jazz trio/quartet and classical orchestra to his credit. The latest of these concertos has been premiered in Bern in November 2014 with the composer as the soloist.

- During a career spanning several decades he has worked in many different sectors of the music industry. He specialises in playing the Standard Jazz repertoire, as well as Latin Jazz (mostly Brazilian) and other popular styles. He is comfortable with electric and acoustic guitars as well as picked and finger style techniques.

- Markus is also a passionate teacher with decades of experience teaching all levels from beginner to aspiring professionals. He has taught extensively in Switzerland and Australia. From 2003 - 2015 he was Deputy Director of the Music School of Conservatorium Bern, heading the guitar, wind instrument, percussion and other sections. He was also in charge of the Jazz/Rock/Pop department for the same period.

Markus Plattner